Jesus Christs Teaching And Example Of Prayer And Fasting

2014-03-16 by

To prepare for 21 Days, we are sharing one of last year’s fasting sermons. In this message, Pastor Anthony discusses Christ’s teachings on prayer and fasting and how we can apply it to our lives today.

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Essentials Part 3

2014-03-09 by

In this last installment of Pastor Terry’s series on Christian Essentials, we go into the culmination of all the other lessons: Personal Involvement. In this lesson, we are challenged to go beyond taking in God but to also exhibit Him to others. Listen and learn how to get involved in your community today.

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Essentials Part 2

2014-03-02 by

In Pastor Terry’s first lesson, we discovered what it meant to be Christ Minded, Kingdom Minded, and Vision Minded. In this next lesson, we turn our focus from the inward to the outward. How can we truly become lovers of others? Find out in this second installment on Essentials

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Essentials Part 1

2014-02-23 by

Listen to this extended lesson on what essentials every Christian must pursue if they want to establish themselves in the Kingdom. Presented in 2008, this series introduces several concepts that have become core processes of POA today. Enjoy and see what essentials you discover through this series.

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Get Intentional: Using the iMap as an Evangelism Tool

2013-10-24 by Gail Waters

Listen as Ryan Franklin explains the use of the valuable evangelism tool.

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